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Earth A Journey -

Poetry for the Journey 

Garden Walks: Hand In Hand -

Poems To Relax By

"A collection of restful and uplifting poems . . . . Graceful artistic verses that capture an idea instantly. . . . The strength of Clouds: On the Wind is the sheer beauty of the world it pulls you into. The book deserves a lot of praise." 
★★★★★ Sarah Scheele​, Readers' Favorite

"Everything about these poems is designed to let the reader fall into the gentle cadence of them and just be. This volume of poems is a keeper." 
★★★★★ Kathryn Bennett, Readers' Favorite 

"A contemplative collection of poems. The visualizations of nature, harmony, calmness and contemplation . . . stand out starkly in the tightly knitted poems. This zen-like collection (has) a meditative effect on the reader. There is so much depth and profundity in the poet's words." 
★★★★★ Mamta Madhavan ,Readers' Favorite  


​"The rhythm . . . flow(s) naturally to the point where it could be easy to forget that you're reading a poem, . . . . The topics were ones that . . . people could relate to, emotions, nature, love, contemplation, and eternity being a few."  

★★★★★ Amazon, astrofan

"Another lovely book of poetry by Gary W. Burns, adding another naturalistic collection to his oeuvre. . . .  What Burns does so effectively in this collection, and in his other works, is weave the natural with the spiritual, offering a profound appreciation of both the material and non-material world." 
Self-Publishing Review

"Every poem packs with it encouragement, guidance and illustration, each of them is worth quiet contemplation.  The words . . . .  will take you on a reflective journey, wherever you are in your life, and help to make it better. Highly recommended."
★★★★★ Bruce Arrington, Readers' Favorite

"A collection of inspirational poetry that would appeal very much to poetry lovers of all ages. This book takes the reader on a relaxing journey that can soothe the soul and calm the mind. The collection includes poems of love, contemplation, quietude, the beauty of nature, and calming harmony."
★★★★★ Sefina Hawke, Readers' Favorite

"Earth Tones: A Journey delivers just what it promises, and is a highly recommended read for meditative souls who need little reminders of peace, love and happiness in their daily lives.  An enjoyable volume . . . creating a peaceful break in any busy day."
★★★★★ K.C. Finn, Readers' Favorite

"A collection of poems about love, passion, and companionship. Gary . . . manages to take the very essence of true love and convey its magic with his words. This book is food for the soul . . . . (He) has taken his inspiration from nature and described our innermost feelings with references to the seasons, wildlife and other natural phenomena.  A testament to human emotions and the wonders of nature . . . ."
★★★★★ Tracy Young, Readers’ Favorite

"The romantic in many people will be delighted by the work. . . . a highly quotable volume."
K.C. Finn, Readers’ Favorite

"An artist of words. The poet beautifully describes the emotion(s) as if working with paint on canvas. A passionate and brilliantly painted canvas of words on a very complex theme."
Emily-Jane Hills Orford, Readers’ Favorite

​"These carefully chosen selections mix images of natural surroundings with ideals of human feelings and thoughts. Burns . . . creates visual flashes - of a harvest moon, the leaves of autumn, the early morning light - that are tied to the fleeting, freeing and ultimately enduring qualities of . . . love. The style offers at times an echo of mystery and of a spiritual linkage between the natural world and the realm of the heart. The effect is both calming and inspiring." 
Self-Publishing Review

​A fantastic work . . . . Perfect for finding inspiration in our surroundings and promoting personal development. Forging each moment through our thoughts and emotions . . . the poetry imparts . . . courage and motivation. ★★★★★ Diana Lopez, Readers' Favorite

Brilliant imagery and ideas . . . . Crafted to calm the soul . . . the poetry encourages readers to commune with nature, feel, and be motivated to live in harmony. The poems are brief . . . a world of wisdom exists in each. I highly recommend this collection. ★★★★★ Maria Victoria Beltran, Readers' Favorite

Powerful, calming, inspirational poetry to be read multiple times over. The poems in this collection are intended to inspire as well as to calm and give us a sense of direction in our personal growth. The poetry is . . . full of expressive language, descriptive metaphors, and thought-provoking intent. ★★★★★ Emily-Jane Hills Orford, Readers' Favorite 

​Very highly recommend. Poetry with the aim to transport a reader to a place of mindful, calm, and intentional introspection. ★★★★★ Jamie Michele, Readers' Favorite 

Burns demonstrates his powerful observational eye, as well as his critical and analytic nature, without losing a palpable longing for mysticism . . . and wonder. An original and comforting selection of poetry that offers a rewarding experience on each reading. ★★★★ Self-Publishing Review

Moments: This to the Next -

Poetry Now and Eternity 

Award Winner​, 

​Reader's Favorite ​Excellence In Writing
Honorable Mention
Poetry - General

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"A book of poems . . . about gardens (and) love. . . . It almost sounds like music.  A lovely book of poems.  Burns . . . does a wonderful job with the rhythm and cadence (and)  a wonderful job with imagery and setting . . . .  I loved how peaceful I felt . . ."
★★★★★ Renee Guill, Readers’ Favorite

"Who knew such few words could convey such heartfelt emotion. These poems certainly made me feel as if I were walking in a beautiful garden with the one I love. This poet "paints" a beautiful garden."  

★★★★★ Amazon, Betsy

"A beautiful collection of works. Short and simple, but conveying great emotion . . . . The (companion audio CD) also makes excellent use of music with a very relaxing reading style."   

★★★★★ ​Amazon, The Falls Church Garden Club

​"Peaceful, Soothing, Relaxing; Beautiful poetry. Reading through the poems I felt a grounding and a restful serenity. Calming poetry wonderfully expressed."  ​★★★★★ Amazon, Valerie

​​"A beautiful collection that acts as a vivid and meditative appreciation of love between people, and the love of nature. Bringing out themes once touched upon by Robert Frost . . . .  Relax through its calming appreciation of beauty in all its natural forms."  

Self-Publishing Review

“This small volume is the perfect choice to keep by your favorite chair or bedside table.  Its short poems are  . .  . profoundly thoughtful."

Reviewed by Margaret "Cinny" O'Donnell, Florida Gardener Magazine

To You With Love:Selected Poems 

​"Definitely a book for all poetry lovers . Exquisite collection . . . poems that . . . captivate with their beauty, timelessness, serenity, and spirituality.  A realm of magic where the calmness of the Universe bathes . . . in a cloak of faith, hope, contentment, and wholeness."
★★★★★ Mamta Madhavan, Readers' Favorite

"An  inspirational poetry collection,  a journey . . . for the voyager who is inside each and every one of us. . . . Completely recommend."
★★★★★ Erin Nicole Cochran, Readers Favorite

"A stimulating painting with words. Reflective, Pensive, thought-provoking . . . . Brilliant gems . . . .  A book meant for the reader to enjoy and reflect upon many times over."
★★★★★ Emily-Jane Hills Orford, Readers' Favorite 

"Poetry that take us beyond ourselves to the eternal as well as inside our deepest thoughts.  Sometimes rhymed, sometimes haiku-esque in style. . . . Poems with a passion for life behind them." 
★★★★★ Kimberlee J. Benart, Readers' Favorite 

"A soothing and relaxing vibe. . . . An excellent collection of poetry you can enjoy day after day."
★★★★★ Joshua Soule, Readers' Favorite

Dawn and Beyond: Embark

Poetry - Come Destiny

Peaceful, tranquil, and relaxing are but a few things stirred as the poems invite you to experience mindfulness and appreciate all each poem has to offer in the here and now. . . . Find yourself in reflection, harmony, and thought. As a holistic therapist, I . . . enjoy things that will make me think on different levels, . . . . There is a lot to enjoy about this book . . . ."
★★★★★ K.J. Simmill, Readers’ Favorite

​​​"Peaceful, contemplative and evocative, . . . poems . . . provide the opportunity to relax and reflect. . . . each poem can serve as a focus for meditation or deep contemplation . . . . "
Melinda Hills, Readers’ Favorite

​​​​​"Love, Spirit, Togetherness, Longing are words carefully chosen . . . . On each page you will be greeted with a poem that emits words of peace, reflection and wellness. . . .  This book of poetry will speak to your heart, mind, soul and spirit."
Vernita Naylor, Readers' Favorite

​​"An inspirational book of poems. I love how he uses nature to build “worlds” and scenery. . . . A great book to keep by your side . . . ."
Renee Guill, Readers’ Favorite

​​"Profoundly captivating and lyrical, . . . an enchanting collection reflecting various themes. . . . the poet’s message revolves around . . . . love, . . . freedom. . . . compassion, . . . simplicity, harmony and peace. . . ."
★★★★★ Edith Wairimu, Readers’ Favorite

​"Poems that connect nature with our inner lives . . . "
Hilary Hawkes, Readers’ Favorite

"The poems. . . contain a wealth of meaning in just a few words.  There is a beautiful harmony and serenity in these poems and I loved how they intertwine time and nature into one.   There is a distinct strain of metaphysics and philosophy throughout this book.  This is a must-read poetry book."
★★★★★ 'Gisela Dixon, Readers' Favorite

"A superb poetic read for those seeking a moment of mindful peace. This collection of verses focuses strongly on themes such calm, wholeness, wellness, and the idea of harmony between the place we are at now and the concept of time in general.  As a tool for meditation, contemplation and healing, the work . . . is valuable and meaningful."
★★★★★ K.C. Finn, Readers' Favorite

"All poetry lovers will find this book appealing. These poems have a Zen-like effect and they are peaceful. The minimalist usage of words to convey diverse emotions and feelings is effective and profound."
★★★★★ Mamta Madhavan, Readers' Favorite

Bridges:To There -

Poems for the Mind, Body & Spirit 

Award Winner,  

​Reader's Favorite ​Excellence In Writing
Honorable Mention
Poetry - Inspiration

Twilight: Awaking the Stars -

Poems of the Night's Light 

Award Winner​, 
​Reader's Favorite ​Excellence In Writing
Poetry - Inspirational

Clouds: On the Wind -

​Poems for the Soul, A Meditation 

Award Winner​, 
​Reader's Favorite ​Excellence In Writing
Poetry - General