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Wholeness, well-being and harmony are but a few of the currents that run through this expressive  book of poetry.  The poems in this collection speak of time as endless spontaneity and invite the reader to take in the harmony of now and eternity.  Reading through these inspirational poems, immersed in a contemplative calmness, the reader will experience a quieting symmetry.  

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The soothing poems in this book of love poetry are calming and inspiring. These insightful poems celebrate the themes of beauty, love, kindness and compassion. The poetry is sure to fill heart and soul with the warmth and peacefulness of Love.  The gentle poetry extols the wonder of love.

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Explore within and garner self awareness; slow down your busy day and look inward.  This book of poetry was written for those seeking personal growth through reflective meditative moments while resting in a poetic harbor of peace and quietude.  These calming and  meditative poems provide a sense of repose and reflective contemplation. 

This collection of love poems is a tapestry of heartfelt passion.  These tender love poems stir heart and body and are filled with love, nature and wonderment. These poems sing of the pleasure of love gifted from heart to heart. A perfect gift for many occasions;  Valentine's Day, anniversaries, or to say "I love you!"

Everyone needs some time to be alone; a time to slow down a busy day.   This book of poetry was written for those seeking relaxation in the peace of quietude. The calming poems in this uplifting book of poetry will enrich your moments of peacefulness.  These meditative poems provide a sense of repose and reflective contemplation. 

This book of poetry presents a peaceful window from which to view the harmony of Mind, Body & Spirit. The thoughtful and meditative poetry speaks of wholeness and fosters well-being.  This inspiring poetry engenders personal growth and insight.

Sharing from the journey, this book of poetry speaks of love, contemplation and quietude.  These inspiring and calming poems celebrate the journey and are filled with thoughtful, peaceful and loving way-points. This book of free verse poetry was penned to laud the beauty of nature and to provide a calming harmony and a relaxing inner peace. 

You deserve moments of peaceful and reflective solitude; this book of poetry was written for those seeking a tranquil harbor to sail into during the quiet hours of the night.  The meditative and calming poems in this book of inspiring poetry will, through peaceful and reflective verse, engender times of serenity and thoughtfulness.  

Come in out of the rain to a rainy day retreat. Gray skies and rain drops are given a place of thoughtfulness and care throughout this collection of calming and peaceful poems. The calming verse offers peaceful moments in a relaxing space.